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Live music at your wedding ceremony is elegant, sophisticated and creates a memorable experience for you and your guests. The professional and exceptional Balintore Trio provides excellent wedding music – Toronto and area weddings are our specialty!

Choosing Music for your Toronto Wedding Ceremony

This is a once in a lifetime moment and the setting and mood are paramount. Live music helps create this mood and cannot be replicated by recorded music. Music at a wedding ceremony plays a vital role in setting the mood and creating an atmosphere of love, so it is important to carefully select your live music. It is not always easy to select the right music to walk down the isle to. The Balintore Trio has been performing music at Toronto and area wedding ceremonies for 20 years. We are very confident in helping you select music that is fitting for the occasion and that also reflects the love that you have for each other. 

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There are four areas in the standard wedding ceremony where music is necessary.

1. Prelude Music

This is music that is played just before the wedding ceremony begins. As your guests arrive and are shown their seats, the music will help them transition from their everyday lives to the significant and inspiring event that they have come to. The music is often classical based music that is both lyrical and reflective. The trio would start playing as your guests are arriving and being seated. It is important that the guest’s mood is elevated and calmed before the service so that they can enjoy what is to come. Some examples or Prelude music are: 

Panis AngelicusC. Franck
PavanneM. Ravel
Sheep May Safely GrazeJ.S. Bach
Water Music-AirG.F. Handel
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2. Processional Music

This is the music that the bride and bridal party will walk down the isle to. This should be a piece of music that is easy to walk to – the tempo/speed needs to be correct for walking. Many people also choose something that is an important song to them as a couple. We can almost always accommodate special requests for people. The importance being that the music heralds in the beginning of the service and focuses the attention of the guests to the members of the wedding party. Here is a list of some examples of processional music that works very well: 

Trumpet VoluntaryJeremiah Clarke
Wedding MarchR. Wagner
Air on a G StringJ.S. Bach
Canon in DJohann Pachelbel

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3. The Signing of the Register

This portion of the ceremony offers time for the guests to reflect before the pronouncement of the newly married couple. The music typically has a more central-performance roll as the wedding party is often out of sight or off to the side. However if the wedding party signs in full view of the guests the music can be more subdued so the guests can keep their attention on the bride and bridegroom. The Balintore Trio can help you pick the right music depending on the way in which you are doing your signing. Typical signing music can be the following: 

Largo from ‘The Four Seasons’A. Vivaldi
MinuetW. Gluck
One Hand One HeartL. Bernstein
AriaG.F. Handel
Ave MariaBach-Gounod
Ave MariaF. Schubert

4. The Recessional

This is obviously a celebratory moment and the music should be lively, inspiring and played with joyful exuberance! This can only be achieved with live musicians. A recorded device cannot replicate the feelings that are present at the moment a bride and her bridegroom are pronounced a married couple for the first time. It is entirely in the moment and the music must emotionally reflect this once in a life feeling. Joyful and upbeat pieces that are often used are the following: 

Brandenburg Concerto #2J.S. Bach
Entrance of the Queen of ShebaG.F. Handel
Hornpipe from ‘Water Music’G.F. Handel
La RejouissanceG.F. Handel
RondeauJ.J. Mouret

Live musicians with experience and professionalism

The Balintore Trio is committed to providing you with the best Toronto wedding music possible. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate and inspirational live music for your wedding ceremony. Nothing can be compared to the atmospheric feeling of a wedding party walking down the aisle to the sound of live musical instruments playing. Timing is everything, and only live musicians can be flexible and aware enough to provide the right music at exactly the right time. The members of Balintore Trio have the experience and training to play the right music at the exact right time.

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Atmosphere, style and sophistication for your Toronto wedding music

Don’t let your wedding lack in style and sophistication with pre-recorded, or canned, music. Only live musicians can provide real emotional impact through the music, which matches the importance of the moment at your wedding. It is your special, once-in-a-lifetime moment, and the music you choose will make a difference to your experience and that of your guests.

Let the Balintore Trio help you make your Toronto wedding ceremony and reception one to remember forever.